Seabright Senior and Memory Care

Assisted Living in Solana Beach, CA Please Call for a Tour 858-302-1366


Actively involved owners

We are passionate owners that are actively involved in the day-to-day operations and our philosophy is to support independence, foster wellness, and create community

Professional assessments to identify meaningful activities

We provide an occupational therapy consultation as part of our standard intake procedures because we strongly believe in utilizing activities that are meaningful to the individual to improve strength, cognition, and emotional and physical well-being to maintain independence

Highly individualized care provided by exceptional caregivers

Our goal is to meet the unique needs of individuals in the comfort and privacy of a home setting. Care plans are tailored exclusively to each resident's lifestyle and needs. If needs change at any time, or there is a change in medical status, care plans can be quickly customized to meet those needs on a temporary or permanent basis

Enhanced quality of care

We provide a higher caregiver to resident ratio than a larger facility where accidents like falls are more common.  We are focused on providing exceptional care and are acutely aware that the aging process is personal and certainly not “one size fits all”     

24-hour supervision and observation

Around-the-clock assistance provided by highly trained, gentle and caring staff

Fully licensed

We are fully licensed by the State of California’s Department of Social Services and can accommodate a wide range of healthcare needs


Warm home environment

A warm home environment where family members are always welcome

Enriching programming

Full schedule of social and recreational activities

Extraordinary location

We are conveniently located in beautiful Solana Beach with famously pleasant weather

On-site garden

An enclosed fruit/vegetable garden that invites residents to enjoy the great outdoors each day 

Spacious private rooms

Spacious, safe and secure residence with gracious accommodations (furnished or non-furnished rooms) 

On-site wellness services

Comprehensive wellness services (yoga, counseling, massage therapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy and acupuncture)